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Books & Periodicals

"Entrepreneurship: Successfully
Launching New Ventures"

4th edition, by Bruce R. Barringer and Duane Ireland

This lively book, containing many real-life examples, makes a thoughtful, practical guide to the process of launching new ventures. It introduces a model of the entrepreneurial process, and follows the model throughout the book. Emphasis is placed on the beginnings of the entrepreneurial process - particularly opportunity recognition and feasibility analysis. This book is a great resource for new entrepreneurs who are getting ready to begin the entrepreneurial adventure.

"New Venture Creation:
Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century"

by Stephen Spinelli and Rob Adams

This book is about the process of getting a new venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it, and starting again. The book presents the substantial body of knowledge about the entrepreneurial process in a pragmatic way - through text, case studies, and hands-on exercises - to help readers compress their learning curves, reduce their ultimate risk and pain, and allow them to gain more from their subsequent entrepreneurial experiences.

"Who Owns The Ice House? Eight Life
Lessons From an Unlikely Entrepreneur"

by Gary Schoeniger and Clifton Taulbert

The American author and speaker Clifton Taulbert has teamed up with the entrepreneur thought leader Gary Schoeniger to create a powerful and compelling story that captures the essence of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide. This book reaches into the past to remind us of the timeless and universal principles that can empower anyone to succeed.

"Advancing Entrepreneurship Education"

A report of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group. The Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group (YESG) was an assembly of CEOs, non-profit leaders, policy experts, and leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education that explored the challenges of strengthening youth entrepreneurship programs in underserved communities. The effort was jointly supported by E*TRADE Financial along with the Aspen Institute and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. The vision developed to guide YESG was "to ensure that each graduate from a high school serving a low-income community has educational opportunities to explore his or her entrepreneurial potential." Though the strategy group is no longer active, the group's reports and findings contain valuable information.

"A Survey of Entrepreneurship
Education Initiatives"

This entrepreneurship education report was published in May 2010 by the Institute for Defense Analyses Science and Technology Policy Institute.

"Entrepreneurs in Profile"

by Steve Mariotti, Mike Caslin, and Debra Desalvo.

How 20 of the World's Greatest Entrepreneurs Built their Business Empires...and How You Can Too!

"Entrepreneurship and
Small Business Management"

by Steve Mariotti and Caroline Glackin

Written by award-winning experts, Steve Mariotti and Caroline Glackin, this book presents difficult economic, financial, and business concepts in a manner easily understood by a variety of students. Based on a proven curriculum from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, it is organized to follow the life-cycle of an entrepreneurial venture -- from concept through implementation to harvesting to replication. Filled with examples from a broad range of careers, it moves further into the entrepreneurial process -- discussing the business plan and also the details of managing and growing a small business.

"Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future"

by Steve Mariotti, Tony Towle, and Neelam Patel

The 11th edition of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship's entrepreneurship textbook is a student-friendly, comprehensive guide to developing a business plan. A recipient of the Association of Educational Publisher's Distinguished Achievement Award in the mathematics category, the curriculum focuses on critical basic business skills including business communications, negotiating, social responsibility, and goal-setting. Program resources include a teacher's wraparound edition and online resource center, and a business plan project workbook with study guide.

"Entrepreneurship: Starting and
Operating a Small Business"

by Steve Mariotti and Caroline Glackin

Written by an award-winning expert, this book demystifies the process of starting a business by presenting difficult economic, financial, and business concepts in a manner easily understood by beginners. Placing an emphasis on developing business plans, it can be used as a professional resource for anyone looking to start his or her own business. Includes a business plan software called "Business Plan Pro."

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